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If the US is evil, why doesn't the world unite and invade it to stop its evils?



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Posted by Darius Daveon
08-26-2019 10:24 PM

There is no place that compares to the USA, that is why our universities are full of foreign students. We have it all here and when a total idiot like Trump can be our president you see the freedom we have here.

Posted by Super Saiyan Pokemon Man 1 Million
08-26-2019 02:23 AM

It’s because evil is subjective and what one country loses from, another could benefit from. All of the powerful countries benefit from the US activities.

While other countries suffer as a result. If you’re numero uno and everyone who could contest you is your friend, then you can do whatever you want. So long as you and all your friends are happy.

This does presuppose the fact what the US does is evil, maybe it isn’t? Maybe we are perfectly justified in what we do, maybe we aren’t.

Regardless, it all comes back to who is suffering and who is isn’t.

Posted by Aussenseiter
08-01-2019 03:23 PM

The answer is simple - because the Jews control not only America, but also the other most powerful nations in the world. Nearly all governments are 100% compromised.
The Jew is the true evil within the USA, and for now none have been able to stop them.

They’ve brainwashed so many people both within and outside of the country so that nobody knows the real problem.

But what goes up will surely fall, & I’m counting down the time.

Posted by German       boy
07-22-2019 10:59 PM

Birgosi wrote: 28.

But I thought many people hate it and crave its destruction?

And this forum is dead?

Anyway are you Canadian? Is this a Canadian site?

Hallo im a German homosexual who wants to gets his tight asshole destroyed by anyone other than a native born german like myself. Are you interested in such an arrangement?

Posted by Birgosi
07-22-2019 09:02 AM


But I thought many people hate it and crave its destruction?

And this forum is dead?

Anyway are you Canadian? Is this a Canadian site?

Posted by Passerby Replying
07-20-2019 11:09 AM

No offence, but the way you ask your questions... you sound like you are barely or even below high-school age - around 13-15 years old? This topic would then sound a bit too mature for you to handle.

Regardless of whether the US is an evil nation, there’s such a thing called diplomacy and self-interests.

In the modern age, leaders don’t just use the nation’s resources for a war on a whim. There will be political repercussions back at home.

War is costly, even if the US is evil, it is better to deal with it in order for the other countries to prosper economically.

I am no expert in world affairs, and I am no expert in politics, but such a question deserves a simple answer like the above. Whether you appreciate this answer is another thing. And at the risk of being trolled, why are you even posting on a dead forum?

Posted by Birgosi
07-20-2019 08:47 AM

Yes, you read that right and NO, I am not trolling. I want serious answers only.

I don’t understand, if the US is such an evil nation that terrorizes poor helpless countries and murders millions of innocent people, why hasn’t the world united to take it down? I don’t understand why many nation’s out there would choose to ally and make deals with such a nation.

Now, mind you, I have asked this question before and many say that it is too powerful.... is that really a response? If you saw your little sister getting beaten up and the one who is doing the beating is more powerful, are you just going to walk away and let them beat your little sister or any of your loved ones simply because they were to powerful?

I hope that this site is not too biased towards the US as many sites do not like these kinds of questions for fear of alienating their numero uno customer.

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