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Help Me Out Here. I'm Estimating Words Needed for Fluency/Formal Fluency



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Posted by Wade
12-15-2016 10:19 AM

I notice Chinese has quite a few irregular usage words. I’m making a table of words to serve as a dictionary and also using each chinese word in a chinese sentence with the English translation. In quite a few cases the Chinese word changes so much that it is unrecognizable once it is used in a basic sentence. Nevertheless, I’m pressing on in my endeavors to compile and study my own language symbol table for English-Chinese translation.

Even now as we speak. I’m getting a little

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Posted by Wade
12-14-2016 08:18 AM

Um, on Chrono Trigger when they Balthazar says, “All life begins with Nu."

I think he’s saying, “All life begins with female," which is a veiled way of saying all life begins with pussy.


Posted by Wade
12-14-2016 06:57 AM


I’ve been suspecting for a while that Robert Jordan may have used Chinese as a pattern language for some of his words in The Wheel of Time series. I had never done any real research on the topic though.

Last night I started searching common words needed when talking to a woman, among the total 1300 words I’ve listed. I found “Ribbon” is “Sedai," thus confirming what I had begun to suspect. The Aeil are patterned after Native Americans, and the Andorans are patterned after China.

Posted by Wade
12-13-2016 06:08 PM

I’m up to a list of 1340 words I use almost every day.

First I’m going to use this list to learn Chinese so I can improve my communication with the ladies. smiley.

Once I start to get half-decent at that, I’m going to work on fictional languages for a book. As I learn Chinese (Mandarin/Pu tong hua) and Hopefully obtain at least some fluency in it somehow, I plan to employ more linguistic techniques to my writing both in prose, and in literature, and fiction.

I’m not sure how many words I can force myself to learn and memorize on a daily basis, but I plan to work hard at it.

Edited 12-13-2016 06:09 PM by Wade
Posted by Wade
12-13-2016 04:58 PM

I can’t remember whether we learned about 20 Spelling Words per week, or was it 25?

I think we learned somewhere between 6200 and 7500 “Spelling Words” in School, but this does not count words learned in History, Science, and other courses which weren’t necessarily tested in the “Language Arts” courses.

All told, I’d estimate a person who graduates High School is probably taught the spelling and definitions of around 10,000 words formally.

I have made a table with about 1,000 common words for formal language, and I’m still adding. I will use this for the basis of making my future fictional languages.

If anybody can remember how many spelling words you did each week, let me know.

I’m positive it was either 20 or 25 per week, which gives at least 520 per grade level.

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