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Metroids vs Flood vs Headcrabs



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Posted by German        boy
03-10-2019 04:32 AM


Posted by Yicatachi
10-19-2011 05:40 AM

Metroids would own, no doubt about it. Metroids have the ability to quite literaly eat any opposing force. Contrary to some beliefs, an infectious organism is digestable.

Headcrabs for the most part seam to be subject to the same enviromental laws as anyone who lives on earth so they’re really screwed.

The flood may be able to cause replication of a metroid or revive it and aprehend it’s power but are subject to a generational laps in strength. Without question the metroid hull will gain awairness and destroy any flood tissue in it.

For a flood to infect a headcrab is quite pointless and a head crab seams to only be able to reanimate a flood victim or flood generated being.

Metroids are quite disobediant to the laws of gravity makeing it one of the most deadly preditors. If one where to recover a successfull new metroid mutant that can not be frozen from the bottle ship, the game would go right to Hell. To win that fight would cost a powerful x virous. A successful parasitic fusion and only a parasitic fusion will aprehend and asume power over the mutant metroid. It wouldn’t be hard to get the x to fight a metroid seeing as how they are natural enemies. None of these where bio experamentation gone wrong.

For the flood to successfuly infect and controll a metroid would be just about impossible. Though possible, the metroid has a greater chance of eating the flood infection. Since every creature has it’s particular genetic code and every genetic code is written in a pattern of chemicals, it can be absorbed by digestion.

For those of you who think metroid is gay, we know you can’t handle the awesomeness so just confess it instead of acusing an awesome series of being gay.

Posted by Snockooz
10-07-2011 07:25 PM

scenario wrote:

GodHandTheWorld wrote: The Metroid are anything from invincible. Many of the forms are very much vulnerable to attack, or at least to being taken over by the flood. Seeing how many forms lose that protective shell when evolving. And again, the Metroid were designed specifically FOR the X parasite. They were not however designed to take out the flood. So therefore the flood are taking many of the forms over, and overwhelming the rest with their superior numbers.

Incorrect. Some Metroids are vulnerable to explosives and plasma weapons. Even so, they take an absurd amount of punishment before going down. That does not mean that hitting them with a tentacle will do anything. In addition, Metroids do not have calcium or a nervous system, two things integral to Flood infection. They are artificial energy beings.

Short of detonating the planet, it is impossible to kill a Zebes Metroid without ice. Merely touching a Phazon Metroid will cause corruption, leading to insanity or death. Not that they even could touch one, as they phase out of reality at a whim.

Hmmm... Corrupting a Gravemind. If one is driven insane or corrupted, all the Flood linked to it will also be affected. Something to think about.

I also must repeat that 39 Metroids wiped out a planet.

Any being that can move its body has some sort of nervous system, it might not be the same as the ones we have but it has to have one or it wont be able to move. So the metroids have some sort of organ like the nervous system and the flood can infect them because of that.

Posted by Omegatron
04-26-2010 02:11 PM

Metroids, they are invincible without the icebeam.

Posted by Slench
04-26-2010 01:50 PM

It’s funny that one of you say that most metroids are vulnerable only to ice and yet also state that metroids can survive outer space... if you didn’t know space is marely 3 degrees (C not F) higher than absolute zero, a temperature in which atoms don’t even move, so to be able to kill a metroid that can survive space with ice, you’d need ice about as cold as the absolute zero (-273.15 degrees C or -459.67 degrees F) whick would freese EVERYTHING around it including the person firing the weapon.

as for the flood, (I just played it a few minutes ago). Flood eats everything that can be eaten, and the only way to cause it not to spread further is by starving it, although I completely agree with the metroid defenders, metroids can’t be killed by normal means.

if the nihilanth was present it would just teleport all of the flood to a xen-like borderworld, or maybe even the combine homeworld.


Posted by Cyris
12-18-2009 06:15 PM

Metroids are incapable of over-eating, for starters, as they are energy-based beings and they only siphon energy (usually metabolic as well as all other types present) from their hosts. In Metroid Prime 2, there is a tank in which a hapless space pirate fell into containing a metroid and a pool of phazon. Scans showed that the metroid was constantly feeding on the space pirate, who was kept alive by the phazon pool in which it lay and that there seemed to be no signs of the metroid ever letting up.
As with all energy, it cannot be destroyed just converted into the metroid’s own energy which it can use to eventually evolve and metamorphose to its next stages. The metroid is specifically designed to convert all energy it encounters through hosts into its own natural energy. Thus any being that uses any form of energy can fall victim to any metroid. This is why they’re so dangerous. Although baby metroids are only capable of ramming human-sized or bigger foes since their fangs aren’t big enough to pierce their bodies. The Metroid’s draining process causes near-full paralysis when in direct contact and worse when in the later stages of evolution. Only minimal movement is possible through indirect contact, such as when a metroid drains Samus and she can still enter morphball mode. Also, with the mutating powers of phazon and its almost limitless source of energy, metroids can grow almost exponentially when in the vicinity of a phazon deposit. Cold is most effective against metroids just because of what they are made of, energy. If anyone’s taken a HS chemistry class they know that the colder something is, the less energy it has stored within its atoms. The bigger and more powerful a metroid is, the more cold you need to stop it. This is even apparent by the metroids that can survive in the cold climate of Phendrana drifts (Metroid Prime) and the even colder vacuum of space. Also, metroids' aggressiveness seemed to be based on this as well with reports that the metroids of phendrana drifts reported less attacks of the workers who controlled them, compared to other metroids in different parts of Tallon IV. Still, when threatened, any metroid will attack it’s aggressor until all life is drained from it. Still the biggest trump card is Metroid Prime and it’s final form. After absorbing tons of phazon Metroid Prime had evolved into a state of complete invulnerability. The only thing capable of taking down Metroid Prime was a hyper-charged phazon beam, which only caused the phazon in Metroid Prime to become unstable. Upon “death” Metroid Prime literally absorbed Samus' phazon suit to become what we know as Dark Samus, who in turn is only weak to phazon-based weaponry. Although high-powered concussive damage could temporarily stun the creature.
Metroid Prime and Dark Samus could easily takedown Gravemind with the intensity of their weaponry and their complete invulnerability.

Infection-forms die by touching Master Chief’s shield, an energy field. What happens when they touch an energy based being capable of discharging all kinds of energy? And even if they could touch a metroid without dying, they would have to be able to pierce a metroid’s shell, an almost impenetrable field, in order to infect it (if they could). Infection is highly unlikely, seeing as how metroids were naturally designed to fight the X-parasites, creatures that infect bio-forms, copy their DNA, and duplicate. Though we cant prove it (obviously that’s why this discussion exists), reasonable doubt is clearly on the side of the metroids on this one.

As far as the headcrabs.. Please I could kill a headcrab.. with a stick..

Posted by Weeman
10-09-2009 12:33 AM

Optimus Prime wrote: Dun worrry,i got a 30,000 oz bottle.

That should work. But only cause it can drown em

Posted by Optimus Prime
10-09-2009 12:20 AM

Dun worrry,i got a 30,000 oz bottle.

Posted by Weeman
10-09-2009 12:14 AM

Optimus Prime wrote: Headcrabs....Hit them with the shampoo.

You’d need alot of shampoo lol

Posted by Optimus Prime
10-09-2009 12:07 AM

Headcrabs....Hit them with the shampoo.

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