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i am lonely will anyone speak to me



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Posted by Glast
07-07-2019 12:32 AM

Zero Beat wrote: Oh my gosh!! MVC is back up??? Last time I checked it was gone, wtf happened!?!?

No one is quite sure yet. Bjarne probably got bored.

Posted by the internet rebel
07-01-2019 02:44 PM

Strong post to topic ratio...

Methinks you are simply a shill for Castbox. I know... you’ll probably come out and say you are only trying to help and have no affiliation with Castbox. Shills do as shills do. But seriously now, that was one of the most unashamed pitches I think that I’ve ever read.

Still, if it helps just one person in their quest to feel less lonely, then I guess it is worth it.

Posted by bananainbeijing
06-28-2019 02:46 AM

I’ve always been a bit of a loner, and while I was searching around online about loneliness and I stumbled into this thread.

One of the things that helped me is just talking to more people, even if it’s strangers on the internet. So one of the things I’ve been doing recently is using an app called Castbox. They have this feature, Livecast, that lets you talk to random strangers. If you’re shy, you can just listen and type comments. If you’re feeling bold, you can call in and chat with the host.

Honestly, it’s helped me because the community is very warm and welcoming, and it’s nice to hang out with a group of people talking about nonsense. They have some shows about politics, horror stories, singing, and whatnot, but usually I just like hanging out in the random rooms. Anyway, you guys can PM me if you have questions.

Posted by the internet rebel
04-22-2019 03:53 AM

Sorry, but I can’t just sit by and let you type out such blatant mistruths:

You are not that pain. You are not that sorrow. That’s just a trick that your mind is playing on you to make you believe that.

You need to move away from all that. Your thoughts and your feelings do not define you. You need to start trying to change the cycle - when you find yourself feeling lonely and sorrowful then try something different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.

Your mind is a tool that you control, not the other way around. Learn how to use it, to be its master. Don’t let it call the shots.

Now I’m not saying that’s going to be easy, but I am saying that’s the way it’s got to be if you want to find your peace. Step by step, day by day, you can get there.

And your life is going to be all the better for it.

Posted by there is nothing left
04-17-2019 08:43 PM

This pain? No, it’s different. Loneliness. Yes. Loneliness.

'Loneliness? I don’t understand.'

You don’t want to be by yourself, correct? We are many but you are alone. You hate it don’t you?

'That is what it is to be lonely? That is what your mind is. It is what fills your soul. You are that sorrow.'

Posted by the internet rebel
04-17-2019 10:44 AM


I’m sorry to hear that you feel this way. You seem like a nice person who is clearly surrounded by not-so-nice people. It cannot be a pleasant situation to be in, and I feel for you.

But please know this: not everyone hates you. All that has happened here is that the people you have tried to get close to weren’t the right sort of people. Sometimes in life we can spend years - decades even - being attracted to the wrong kinds of people until one day we realise that these people are no good for us. That’s when we’ve got to broaden our horizons... consider things we would have never considered before, and above all else, not let things get us down.

The second thing I’d like to say is that social media sucks. Let’s look at this for a minute: people are putting their whole lives up on sketchy websites forever mired in controversy. Do you honestly believe that people who really have things going on their lives have the time to even post half of this inane crap? You know what you need to do: get yourself off social media and into the real world.

Try reaching out to real people who’ve got real values and who don’t shit talk at every opportunity and who won’t judge you, who will care for you, who will be your best friend and who will love you.

I’m telling you now that these people exist. Whether or not you want to believe me doesn’t change that fact. The only question is do you want to find them or are you better off feeling sad?

Posted by guestguestguest
04-15-2019 02:52 PM

I am lonely. I really have no one to talk to. Everyone thinks because people hit me up on social media that everyone loves me. In reality, they don’t.most of the people that do, have either a just tried to sleep with me multiple times, or they just want my dad’s money, which i found out after i was impregnated, in a relationship, when i was told they couldn’t have kids anymore. I thought i made a connection with someone, but no, they fucking hate me too. Everyone hates me, i love me, and i am trying so hard. I really just want to leave and not talk to anyone anymore. I really have no best friend, and all of my relationships are just there, really no depth or meaning, because i don’t want hurt. Everytime i let someone in they fucking destroy me. Or i feel like everyone complaining about people talking on line, are getting on to me. They can post about not fucking their boyfriend, or shit talkers, but i can’t go on a rant that doesn’t give names about how i feel. just whatever, i just need to get off line, and i just need to go find something for me, because this life isn’t and i thought i was on the right track, but i guess not, and i guess that nothing i do matters to anyone besides my mom, and she even just wants to live her own life.................

Posted by the internet rebel
03-13-2019 07:03 AM

Thank you for your kind words, Telstar. Just know that I’m always here to chat if you need... :-)

Posted by Telstar
03-12-2019 12:04 PM

the internet rebel wrote: Hi Telstar,

First off, let me ask you, beg you actually, not to end it all. You’ve got so much more to live for, and what you are going through now is only temporary. It’s a pain that you can, and will, get through - and though it’s hard to see now - it’s something that will help you live a happier and more fulfilled life in the future.

You know it’s always tough when we see people we care about or think highly of move on with their lives. Especially when we don’t know what the real reasons why they moved on were. We remember the good times and we just can’t figure out why they would throw that all away.

But in the end, the only answer is that we must move on, just as they have, and accept that sometimes in life people come and go for a reason. Sure, it can be a bitter pill to swallow, but everybody out there has had to do it at one time or another, so please know that you’re not alone in this regard.

I know it sucks not to have anyone to say good morning to, but please believe me that things can change. What you need to do first is to work on moving on from your loss. This can take time, and don’t feel bad if it does - it’s important not to be too hard on yourself.

You know I’ve said this a million times on here before but it’s true: we’re blessed in this day and age to have the internet and it’s a perfect medium for you to reach out and connect with people who may or may not be in the same boat as you.

Try and see if you can connect with somebody, be that online or locally, and take things from there. Trust in the process. Know that so long as you are committed to never giving up, things can and will get better gradually. And soon, one day, you’ll feel so different to how you’re feeling right now you’ll be so glad you made the effort.

But whatever you do, don’t give up. If you need to talk about it feel free to write back on here. The world isn’t as dark a place as you think it is. I promise you there is always, always a light at the end of the tunnel.

thank you so much for responding.
i truly appreciate that. you’re an incredibly nice person, and i hope the world is kind to you.
thank you.

Posted by Zero Beat
03-11-2019 03:25 PM

Oh my gosh!! MVC is back up??? Last time I checked it was gone, wtf happened!?!?

Edited 03-11-2019 03:25 PM by Zero Beat

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