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Continuous Rhyme Cypher



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Topic Review (Latest First)

Posted by Anonymous Mc
02-06-2019 01:38 AM

One smoke or two?
I’m not through, I smoke when I’m blue,
When it rains down from above,
Show love to life when it’s rough,
Wish this place would come back,
I could rap on some track and make a quick rack,
As of now I just smoke my blunt,
And look for a dream to hunt

Posted by Xenomancy
12-10-2016 03:53 PM

Cypher is lit as fuck but the cypher is like sci fi unreal till you got the proof
Don’t know what to do then just bounce cuz shit the cypher ends at you
Thats the truth trust me I see it too
Visionary to intrude spit bars like windows just trying to see it through
Come in with some heat or just don’t come back that’s how we do

Posted by Ragian Azariah
03-04-2016 07:08 PM

what happened to the cypher? I don’t want to read your bars/come battle with me, I’ll expose you for a farce

Posted by Xenomancy
12-27-2015 12:37 PM

Am I sending this then the answer is yes
I’m serious as hell cuz its hot enough to make you sweat
Presperration from the heat of the moment that’s preparation
Gay ain’t how I’ll leave you its just I’m singling you out
No doubt im a kill it when I ain’t got my sanity
Murder assault like a rifle shot franticly
Maniac with the bars feel the strength with the touch
I’m done here cuz that is good enough
Just one more thing don’t write it out when you can’t read that’s just dumb luck

Posted by CJ Bruvvy
08-22-2015 03:57 PM

You serious? Those claims came not from wisdom
' Faker than the proposed flames of promises / from politicians
Movielounge? We’re not the type to watch television
We’re shooting a documentary of our mission
To achieve our 'top' ambitions, and stop addition-al-
Wannabes like -you- from becoming competition
We’ll leave you in 'bottom' position, little 'dazzle'
Your 'day’s are over, from a quick drizzle__
--Of my bars which’ll kill you
My bars are carefully constructed masterpieces, yours are crippled scribbles
I don’t need the wordplay or the 'punches' to hit you in the worst way
' These multis are enough to send you flying straight back into your bird cage
The presence of us “pussies” as you say would end you__
__Don’t pretend - you can’t contend - attack is our defencse to send you packing
Your intentions to ascend have just appended your tends to 'jack' in (jacking)__
__But that attention has only stemmed the growth of us blending to rap 'kings'
You’re mistake was extending your hand in to play the hard 'clown' (joker)
Because this 'game' you entered allows me to hit you with the ace of 'spades' to mark down
Your death, I used this to dig your grave to barred towns (Heaven/Hell)
You shouldn’t have called bluff with your skill...
Cus this is what’ll happen when we lay our cards down.

Posted by daydizzle
08-16-2015 10:09 AM

My god these rookies delirious
movielounge? that’s just for pussies and periods.

Posted by Traditionalist
08-11-2015 10:28 AM

you got rhymes with more fiction than Aesop’s fables/
wake up and realize the truth, your bars are wasteful/

Posted by TheDangerZOne
06-18-2015 07:50 AM

Pull 9 calibres on this cannibals like gun barrels/
Shoot backs with rubber bullets leave spines looking like camels/
Gat ammunition to heat niggerz like sun charges on Solar Panels/
I dont play it cool, I’m a human torch on this mic/
So Technically volcanic resevoirs resembles what I write/
Focused on eating more cheddar than Jerry in dairy factories/
Build bars faster than high levels in tetris/
Murder your idols, you lack bars like low batteries/
Defeat them on their greatest hype/
Ya’ll aint ready to fight!/
A Tempt to attempt God will hear ya blood crying from dirt like Abels/
I raise the bar higher than the tower of Babel/
Ain’t a waitress, but I turn the tables/

Posted by Mentlegan
05-21-2015 10:38 PM

Jaden and his crew chilled in their backyard at ten-fifteen/
Kickin' back, spittin' raps, chattin' in the wind breeze/
'Til some chick screamed then loads of lights flashed in the sky/
Jaden wasn’t startled 'til explosive light damaged his eyes/
As a laser beam fell from space and blasted a guy, his best friend/
The pain so tragic, he seeks revenge like an enraged assassin; relentless/
A beam of light hit the ground then two silhouettes breached his sight/
Wearing gold-chains and snapbacks. Inhuman and pleased to fight/
Aliens from Space Detroit came to disgrace the place their laser points/
Jaden can’t make a choice, gotta rap-battle them 'fore they erase the joint/

Posted by CJ Bruvvy NLI
04-20-2015 05:18 AM

MLP4life wrote:

CJ Bruvvy NLI wrote:

Fluttershy wrote:

CJ Bruvvy NLI wrote: Why have all of mine and Esco’s and Snipes’s posts disappeared? Wtf is going on??

Bjarne reversed MvC back to an earlier time, prob due to spammer/hacker activity. :I

Well, how long is this shit gonna last before he brings all of it back. All my work (and Snipes’s, KO’s, Esco’s, Loki’s, etc for the record), hard work of ours, is all gone because of this shit.. I was faithful to this place.. Well, fuck that.. No more.. I leave.. This whole entire damned site will NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER see anything of me again..

Not sure if Bjarne cares enough to bring it back. The site’s outdated coding and abundant vulnerabilities made it bound to fall apart soon, anyway. If you didn’t save your post and you worked really hard on it, best thing I can think of would be to search for the deleted URL through Google, click the downward arrow after Music and view a cached version/snapshot of that page while hoping your post is there, I guess.

I’ll guess I’ll just forget about it.. Not much I can do really apart from what you suggested. I’ve created a new secret site anyway, that only us rappers can use. That will prevent THIS kinda shit

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