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Posted by legend
09-25-2007 08:00 PM

this is warning for police officer etain..dont molest people so much,its not they fault u’s born in canada lol

Posted by Etain
09-25-2007 07:58 PM

Debate wrote:

Etain wrote:


Sorry but I happen to think that spamming, harrassing people in other threads, using discriminatory terms, and threatening to spam and/or post pornography on the site is plenty of reason.

you’re essentially abusing your power as account moderator mainly because you were attacked personally. I haven’t seen you ban anybody else from the site who insulted other people. Weren’t you the one who said “a little insulting” is ok? youre a tyrannical dictator and i think i should report you.

My banning him had nothing to do with that. He has repeatedly gone into other threads and posted spam...other members even had to point out to him that his posts had nothing to do with the thread. He has gone into a bunch of threads to call members “gay”, etc. and he has threatened to post porn on the site. If you read the rules, he has broken more than enough to warrant a ban.

Posted by legend
09-25-2007 07:57 PM

this was from earlier today
13 da REAPER vs Molesta porn legend

reaper :

itís hard, keeping deez broads off da boss dick ó
walk streets w/ heat da size of lacrosse sticks ó
Santana Moss quick forcin' u bytches to forfiet ó
hit wit da force of four fists for talking dat horse shyt ó
i stress the importance of spitting dat raw shyt ó
u still nauseous, from pistol whippinís w/ four fifths ó
da gameís infested w/ fakes, molesta da porn legend ó
yeah he cool, but iím da self proclaimed best of da best, a born legend ó

molesta :

who ever says molestas wack then dork is a hater
am a motherfuckin legend i can beat force of nature
uíll take more 'tips' then waiter coz my shit so hot
errybody know molesta got more 'balls' then golf club,ya dig
fuckin wid me iíll leave u wid more 'holes' then golf field
these little fucks jumpin on molesta like symbionts
i dont even read ur writtens coz its all trivia
uíll shoot me ?? please G U NOT just like olivia

8 line battle ó can i get some opinions and feedback

Posted by legend
09-25-2007 07:55 PM

nope that wasnt the case...will anyone judge on molesta vs reaper is this..say something bitches

Posted by Statuz
09-25-2007 07:50 PM

AznSkillz wrote: In my TOWN/I wear the CROWN/I let my chain hang/IT shine so
BRIGHT!/You might lose your SIGHT/My Flow is full so I neva
have to BITE/I already know I can pull more BITCHES THAN YOU
CAN!/Ima burn these haters like a fuckin SUN TAN!/I already
got the DOUGH/I continue to FLOW/I be Devourin these haters
like they NOTHIN/They talk shit to me but I know they just
BLUFFIN!/these dudes me frontin/The reason I came was to
CONQUER ALL/I’m Positive that i’ll make these Chinkstahs FALL/
I spit so hot like i’m TROPICAL/My flow is UNSTOPPABLE/I’ll
Blast you away like that Chinkstah ALUCARD!/Na fuk it I don’t
need a gun.. I’ll prove i’m HARD/I’m Hard Like a BRICK.

Lol Reality you kinda just rephrased what I said
“I already know I can pull more BITCHES THAN YOU
CAN!/Ima burn these haters like a fuckin SUN TAN!"

But it’s cool man.

Posted by xR
09-25-2007 07:40 PM

Fast shyt..

So whos Who here nymore?

Posted by xR
09-25-2007 07:35 PM

Im tha hawtest coldest man/
I keep elevatin. its over before it began/
IM equipped with more punchlines then china And japan/
I burn opponents, they leave with a tan/
equipped with a game that makes ma tongue dark-blue/
I spit winter, opponents come to enjoy the view/
With this mind, il get any pussy Fuck it il get a crew/
Man.. i fuck the bitches u masturbate to../
None of yall can fuck wit this./
Beatin Chris.. thats a sentence that doesnt exist.!/
Try me man.. you wont be missed/
Try fuckin wit me .. il do the same to ur sis/

Posted by 3  min
09-25-2007 07:20 PM

3min doesnt judge

Posted by Babii_Chronic
09-25-2007 07:08 PM


Posted by Ghost Of Mc Steven
09-25-2007 07:02 PM


Steven back like ass crack//
not back like ass crack but I like it like dat//
got money out the ass, i whipe my ass with money//
young money get money im in love with money//
She got a light skinned friend..look like steve irwin//
got a dark skinned friend look like steve irwin//
I was ready for the world, she was ready for a girlfriend//
gotta raspberry sized anus//
play us, we famous with money//
I kiss my daddy, and yes i get my money//
you can take my money but dont take my daddys kisses from me//

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