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Legend of Korra Discussion Thread.



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Posted by Rich-616
03-25-2015 08:16 PM

I liked book 2 honesty. Looking forward to rewatching it once I decide to marathon the series.

Posted by Zevroid
03-16-2015 10:28 AM

So, while I’m here, have something funny to pass the time.

Also, I’m pretty sure the whole point of Korra’s character arc was that she wasn’t great at filling her role as the Avatar, and never actually understood what it meant to be the Avatar. Unalaq was an asshole and power hungry, but in a way he was right about the way Korra was taught. Every other Avatar traveled the world to learn, living among the people and learning from those travels what their purpose is as the Avatar. Korra didn’t have that. She spent her life since she was a child kept in the Southern Water Tribe. It may have been for her protection, but it cost her the learning opportunities that every other Avatar we know of went through.

We can all agree that Book 2 was a rushed mess (and that Wan is best Avatar), but I think it did a good job of portraying this problem and how it could be resolved moving forward. It was a series spanning character arc for Korra.

Posted by Janeiro
03-03-2015 02:36 AM

Rich-616 wrote:

Janeiro wrote:

Rich-616 wrote:

Janeiro wrote:

Rich-616 wrote: She’s definitely the stronger Avatar btw, Erised.

1) Skilled in three elements as a toddler,
2) overpowered bloodbending without AS,
3) energy bent an explosion that was about to destroy a city,
4) and had the strongest connection with Raava. The source of the Avatar’s power.

5) How is she not the strongest? Enlighten me, please.

1) Not skilled she had earlier access than most other avatars. And sadly even by the time she was 20-21 she wasn’t as skilled in all 4 of them together as Aang was against Ozai. Its pretty much Vegeta & Goku all over again. Aang may have been a late bloomer (not really but between the 2 of them he is) but at the rate he learns & adapts is far greater.
2) When was this? Are you referring her airbending shtick against Amon?
3) That isn’t really impressive. Aging Ruko did something more impressive. That earth nation avatar her name slips me atm moved entire islands and more. Aang is above Ruko in terms of power perhaps even that Earth one but the jury is out on that one. He is the most spiritually connected from the last 4 though.
4) That was a part-time thing. It only happened b/c of what occurs every 100K years or w.e. It wasn’t due to her own capabilities. And considering her lack of spiritual connection compared to all the ones shown before Ruko or anyone else could have done that as well. Let alone Aang who from the last 4 has the best spiritual connection.
5) This isn’t really hard to tell. Even in LoK they keep referring to Aang as the big bad. Toph even said it out right. That’s how the creators made her. Not saying she is the WOAT or anything. but from the 2 we have seen in full she is definitely 2nd place. As for Ruko & the others it more guess work than anything. But I’m sure Korra isn’t the worst one. It from the 2 she is significantly shown to be below. And lastly Aang against Ozai x 100 (his regular self). Redirecting that kind of powerful lighting etc. Moving entire pillars of rock casually something that the giant metal robot of the s.4 villain wouldn’t be able to Considering it had problems dealing with large city buildings.

Well that’s my take on it. Don’t know why you’re taking it the wrong way man.

1) From what we were shown, she was skilled in them. You think having access to there elements as a toddler doesn’t speak of her natural talent?

2) You and a million others say this, but there’s pretty much no proof. Season 1 Korra was casually beating on White Lotus guards in 3-on-1’s.

3) How is it a “shtick”? She overpowered and blasted him, while Aang could only twitch until going into the AS.

4) It wasn’t a one-time thing at all, she simply accessed more of Raava’s power than anyone before her.

5) Of course they respect Aang, he saved the world. You think Korra won’t be respected in the same manner when she’s saved it four times. Power-wise, all of the Avatar’s should be like, around the same. Aang wasn’t particularly special in this regard, Korra and Wan were. And I’m pretty sure an attack that would vaporize a city (and can tear through mountains easily” beats out pushing a small island.

6) I’m just tired of the Korra downplay and Aang wank is all, that’s it. I think a lot of it had to do with people just liking Aang more because he came first.

1) She had earlier access like Vegeta did to his powers. Or look @ Broly as an extreme example. I can give other examples too. The point is some are born w/ greater gifts but learn or their growth rate is slower. And for some born less gifted but are rapid learners. Goku is a late bloomer for example. Its somewhat similar here w/ Korra & Aang. In a year’s time he became more skilled than Korra has been training for up until she was 20-21. That’s what’s shown.
2) I don’t recall any of the white lotus' guards doing anything worth noticing. I mean Tenzin was taking on 3 of the 4 hoodlums of the red lotus. We never saw Korra technically display any skill of that level w/o AS. But arguably by the time she fought that giant metal thing she probably was. Hard to say.
3) Well there are several reasons why it was a shtick. I don’t mean it a bad way. But it was a plot pull.

Since it leaves open question marks on how blood bending works exactly. Does it only seal one element? all elements? and aren’t 3 of the elements “held” by Raava while the human body uses 1 or is are all 4 elements fluid like in one body? or only the ones that the user can use at the time?

If its the last one that is fine. Its like how Goku learned how to fly @ the last minute against Piccolo. Korra learning air bending at the last minute is a stretch but its okay.

But her being able to get through that w/ only 1 element she just unlocked & being trounced by Amon while using the other 3 is just wrong. He also beat Tenzin (supposedly at least) who @ that point is the greatest air bender in the world.

Also that oh so convenient successful surprise attack from Korra on Amon. It was just Like Aizen letting his guard down as soon as he started becoming a bit powerful through the HG. Out of character for both Aizen & Amon. Just to make things forcibly fit in the plot.

I could go on but its going to become a wall of text. There’s more to it. But I believe you can see where I am coming from. Her unlocking air bending @ the last minute is not the issue. But everything that came after is pretty much what you expect to happen when the plot kai takes over forcibly.

As for Aang he didn’t have several of those advantages as I mentioned before and as have others. If he was anything like Zaheer he could have one shot that guy no problem. It’s simply b/c of his pacifist attitude that got him into that fickle.

4) And we didn’t see anything of that like in season 3 nor 4. And in fact she had to go to Zaheer for spiritual mentoring. It was a one time thing once every so many thousands of years. Its not really a good way of gauging her abilities just like using the 100 year frozen Aang. Its very likely any other avatar could have done the same in both of their situations. Both were highly circumstantial. Love it or hate it.

5) Whether she is respected like him or not we probably will never know. So that’s up in the air. In the complete AS yes. Otherwise as it has been shown; no they’re not. For better or for worse.

6) I don’t really see it as a matter of wank or downplay. LoK’s main cast aside from Bolin were a massive disappointment in relation to the previous series. As stand alone and compared to hst LoK is far better. But ATLA the show as a whole was quite something else. There is a reason alot of people like ATLA over LoK. And the vast majority of it doesn’t have anything to do with “power levels nonsense” m8. If it was the other way around and how both of the series are written. Me & many others I know would have appreciated it for the fact that it was much better written. As for liking it better well somewhat yes. Since everything came so nicely together for ATLA. While LoK was all over the place. Even with one more season. The best things about LoK were the old crew (which doesn’t count), Bolin, Varrick, Pabo, & Zaheer. They had interesting concepts but they weren’t implemented correctly. And shoved in alot of pointless stuff. Some of it @ the last moments.

Lastly Aang filled the role of the Avatar much better than Korra. I don’t think anyone is going to oppose that. Regardless of which one is better in a fight. His problem solving skills were far superior. So that’s probably (& personally for me) one of the biggest things going for him over Korra.

lol things have gotten pretty long now. I guess it better to just agree to disagree @ this point. Its just going to go back & forth. Peace.

Edited 03-06-2015 01:13 AM by Janeiro
Posted by Erised
03-02-2015 10:53 PM

40 acres wrote:

Erised wrote:

40 acres wrote:

Erised wrote:

40 acres wrote:

Erised wrote: Anybody who claims that ATLA is stronger than LOK because the bending feats are bigger have no idea what they are talking about.

Bending combat has changed since ATLA. They use smaller more concentrated attacks along with speed. Pro Bending is a symbol of this cultural shift. That doesn’t mean they can’t use large feats if needed.

Lin and Bolin are perfect examples.

EVERY fight Lin has been in has featured her using small rocks. Yet we know for a FACT she can levitate a dozen large ass boulders with NO STRAIN. All those boulders combined would be the size of one the houses that Bumi himself was tossing at Omashu.

Bolin BISECTED a BUILDING. Yet in every fight he used small amounts of earth.

Both of these characters have gotten into drawn out earthbending fights. Which means they’re high end feats are not something exclusive to them.

That is nonsense Boomy would wreck Lin and Bolin in earthbending. Both with skill and Power. ATLA displayed skilled simultaneously performing bigger attacks. Toph could still wreck them outside of her prime.

Hold up, don’t be twisting what i’m saying.

This isn’t Bumi vs Lin or Toph vs Lin, stop that crap.

The simple fact is that because they don’t use large amounts of whatever they are bending it means they are weaker than ATLA characters. That’s not what’s going on. The fighting style has changed. They don’t NEED to use large attacks because they use more precise and concentrated ones that are less taxing and time consuming.

The fact that they COULD do large ass feats but don’t do it throws the who has bigger feats argument thing into question.

You are comparing the series. The fighting turned towards a weaker style. Just like modern martial arts because of peace. There is more to suggest war time benders were stronger then legend of korra. Kuvira was supposed to stomped everyone knew this fact. The only thing that stopped it was ptsd. The red lotus is the only ones you can make such a claims.

Except it’s not a weaker battle style. The changes has nothing to do with people being weaker. It’s a cultural shift. The same size oriented moves of ATLA are replica-table just unecessary. It’s like shaving of wasted movements.

Explain to me how an era where lightning bending, metalbending are now common is weaker?

All of this if fine in and all but none of that changes the fact the previous cast taught all of that shit. Like I said multiple times Toph>>>evrything you have said.

Erised wrote: At the end of the day LOK is still the stronger series. With Unavaatu, Astral Korra, Amon, Tarrlok, Yakone, Red Lotus they are clearly superior.

Aang click prime still wrecks them. You do realize they were old and retired in LOK. Aang was powerful enough to project himself while he was dead and restored Korras abilities. He just never fought any of them. None of which was impressive compared to what him and Toph displayed. Toph even implied Katara would have been able to interfere in Korra battles if she chose. But she didn’t they sidelined themselves on purpose. hell Aang could have come out Korra and rape stomped everyone she faced prior to the reincarnations cycle being broken.

Toph wouldn’t even beat Ghazan. Normal earthbending and firbending still have their strongest characters hailing from ATLA. Airbending and waterbending though have their strongest in LOK.

Aang as a fully realized avatar? Aang wasn’t a fully realized avatar in ATLA so your argument is mute.

EVERY fully realized avatar in history would beat any ATLA or LOK villain sans Unavaatu. So you’re argument is mute.

You do realize every avatar in history projected themselves in the same instance right? It isn’t a remotely impressive thing.

No Toph said Katara would get involved. That says nothing of what she could do at her age.

Posted by Fan of HST
03-02-2015 09:39 PM

Can ya’ll take it to the other thread?

Posted by Rich-616
03-02-2015 09:38 PM

No one said they couldn’t go other routes to gain spiritual growth, that’s not quite the point.

Raava is the being that directly gives them so much chi, there’s no evidence they can actually gain more chi other than accessing more of Raava’s power by strengthening their connection. Aang has used a spirit as you know but that was clearly a one-time-thing, at least with that spirit. And there’s definitely no proof they can strengthen their chi levels to the point of overflowing with it like Korra was. Being aware of Raava clearly allows them to access more power, that is undeniable.

Edited 03-02-2015 09:50 PM by Rich-616
Posted by 40 acres
03-02-2015 09:34 PM

Rich-616 wrote: What? Amon, Tarrlok or Amon could just bloodbending Ozai and kill him with no problems. Zaheer vs Ozai is debatable. And Avatar and Astral Unalaq would absolutely murk him. He could take Kuvira.

Okay, so like I said, he didn’t take from it what Korra did. In Korra he gets bloodbent like any bender aside from Korra would, and him appearing to her at the end of season 1 doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t have any special powers that other Avatar don’t.

Once again, Harmonic Convergence had nothing to do with her gaining power from Raava. And I’m well-aware any other Avatar would’ve tried strengthening the connection all the same, but the point is, Korra I the only one to actually do it other than Wan. They all have the same potential, Korra has just explored it the most.

I am no longer debating the who is stronger portion because the poster above is right this is not a vs thread. I will debate the connection part. You do realize every Avatar is essentially the same person just with different upbringings and different genders that shape their growth . That is why they are different as people. But at the basis every Avatar has the same ability and connection. Most of them could access their spiritual powers more easily. Plus they had access to their past lives which gave them guidance. They didn’t need Raava for help with their spirtual powers. Korra on the other hand shruggled to use those powers the entire series. Which is why she had to go to the root which is raava to get better. Aang was naturally gifted at using his spirit because of his air bending training. He didn’t need Raava or a connection to strengthen his power to that level.

Posted by Zevroid
03-02-2015 09:17 PM

There is a designated thread for Korra vs Aang now, you two. Take it out of this thread and into that one please.

Posted by Rich-616
03-02-2015 09:14 PM

What? Amon, Tarrlok or Amon could just bloodbend Ozai and kill him with no problems. Zaheer vs Ozai is debatable. And Avatar and Astral Unalaq would absolutely murk him. He could take Kuvira.

Okay, so like I said, he didn’t take from it what Korra did. In Korra he gets bloodbent like any bender aside from Korra would, and him appearing to her at the end of season 1 doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t have any special powers that other Avatar don’t.

Once again, Harmonic Convergence had nothing to do with her gaining power from Raava. And I’m well-aware any other Avatar would’ve tried strengthening the connection all the same, but the point is, Korra I the only one to actually do it other than Wan. They all have the same potential, Korra has just explored it the most.

Edited 03-02-2015 09:27 PM by Rich-616
Posted by hi am new
03-02-2015 09:10 PM

Omg guys post in the thread i made for you.
Why are posting back and fourth about the same exact thing lol

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