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School sucks...


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06-12-2018 12:51 PM
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When i was in high-school i struggled a lot, i felt unmotivated to memorize the content. I was always wondering the why of the facts, but teachers would constantly criticize me for wasting time “wondering on the moon”, as they used to say (among others ones).

I had high hopes for my career (i was dreamy and hard worker) and often showed teachers what i wanted to do, although no one could give me orientations. I was confused on where to go and later frustrated, what took me to destructive behavior (i was addicted at playing games).

many schools are not that great. It’s given weak support overall to students. Institutions see us like a memorizing and problem solving machinery, which is either rewarded for being perfectionist or shamed for failing. Because of this, school kills so many talent and genius.

Sometimes i and my colleges complained to teachers how bad education is. Their response was: “ you need to be grateful”, which they justified by the fact that “in the old days, teachers would even beat students! So you are so lucky”.
That’s a jealous and lazy way of trying to justify why they stopped improving.
Why should we stop improving for the ideal just because we moved a single stepforward? Why should an athlete stop at 1 km on a marathon (42 km) just because he is farther away from the begging?
The ideal school system must have some basic attributes to be considered ideal.

First of all it must be accommodating to students, other essential feature is that it must have at least one mentor with good teenager communication, respectful not matter what, and who everyone admires. Content needs to be specific and extremely optimized. Also, it should be incentivized that people with same ambitions meet each other.

What now?

We are making a website/app to start putting into practice what we believein to be the ideal educational system.

Our mission is to aid school students and other people who want to self-improve. We want to incentivize people with same interests and ambitions studying together and share the best optimized content.

You can help us tremendously by answering this short questionnaire (, and you will gain the opportunity to be one of the 300 people to be in our open-beta. (while replying, let us know that you read this article)

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06-12-2018 08:26 PM
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Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
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I’ll learn you with my foot bicht


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