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Omnipotent Paradox

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06-22-2018 08:39 PM
German.      boy

Macho wrote: What are they abs how would you go around them?
For example, the most well known paradox is:
Can an omnipotent create a bolder so heavy he can’t lift?

The paradox is simple, an omnipotent by definition can do anything, but can he not do anything,which is a contradiction to the definition of omnipotent?

So how would we go about creating a rational explanation as to how he can do both without contradiction?

Would this be an acceptable solution: An omnipotent by lifting and not lifting the bolder at the same time, can create something it cannot accomplish while accomplishing it.

It sounds like I basically said the same thing, but I’m basing the explanation on quantum theory. Where light can be a particle and a wave.

The question is can any character in DBZ do this? No? Then no character in DBZ is omnipotent nor above omnipotent so stop bringing it up.

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