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the ghosts curse: the sower


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05-06-2014 10:39 AM
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Julian Alpha Granova
Julian Alpha Granova
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I need to tell the truth. I almost died a really horrible death. You may think this is fake, like Ben drowned or Pokémon black horror, but I swear this is real. It may have been three months since the event, but I remember it like it was yesterday. My parents already think I’m insane for telling them this, but its 3:00 in the morning, and I found my opportunity to tell the world this story. It started when I was playing super Mario galaxy 2, and I was attempting the 99 1-up secret. On the 50th 1-up, I heard the words stop it in my head. I ignored it, and when I reached the 75th 1-up, suddenly I heard a raspy voice come from the television, saying “This is your final chance. STOP IT.” I was startled, but I then thought it was just a piece of my imagination, so I continued getting 1-ups. When I reached the 99th one, a screeching sound came from the television. The raspy voice appeared again. “I killed cheaters all the time, you know that?” the screen went black, and a blue-black ball appeared descended from the top of the screen. For those of you who don’t recognize it, it’s supposed to be the cosmic guide when Mario or Luigi dies too much. But instead of turning into a shadow Rosalina, like I expected, it turned into a more recognizable character. ME. I screamed and jumped back. Then the person who looked like me said, in the raspy voice, “you may not know me, or why I appear to look like you, or why I’m doing this to you, but I know you heard of me. I am the darkness of life. I am the cruelly murdered soul who wants his revenge. I have sworn to kill one billion families in the cruelest ways to get my revenge. I have already wiped out 999,999,997 families in the thirty centuries that I was dead. Congratulations, you are one of the last three families I need to kill.” I had to ask this. I thought it would help me in something for later, but unfortunately, he never answered. “w-what d-did we do to y-you?” I asked. He looked at me like I forgotten something important. “Why, your ancestors killed me in a cruel way, for trying to learn technology. I tried to save a thousand people, but your ancestors killed me before I could save their neighbors. Just before I died, I swore to annihilate their family blood to get my revenge. I especially love the terror in your eyes when I show you the front yard of my ‘Hall of tortured souls’. Now, succumb to fear and accept a slow and painful death!!”
Then, suddenly, I was in a different place. There was no sun, but I could see too clearly. The hills where covered in dead bodies and each and every one had a different death. One was hanged. One looked like he had drowned. And there was also a huge pile of blood and body parts, and the bones were pure white. In fact, everyone looked like they died just hours ago. But it wasn’t the dead bodies that scared me the most. It was the eyes of the dead that did. Every eye was open, and there were no pupils or iris. They all looked bleach white, and they seemed to stare at me as I looked around in fear. Off in the horizon of the highest hill, I saw a lone silhouette. I didn’t bother to go to him, because I thought he was the killer. I tried to flee unnoticed, but when he disappeared in the horizon the silhouette appeared in the next. What’s worse, he turned and started walking toward me. I ran, but no matter how fast I went, he was always gaining on me. When I was tired, gasping for breath, he pulled out something and stabbed it downward. A scream like a thousand banshees filled the air. I fell, paralyzed with fear. Within 5 minutes, he reached me. He had beautiful white hair, and deep blue eyes. His skin looked like he had been in the sun a lot, and it was wrinkle-free. The thing he had in his hands was a knife, which looked like a blue blade adorned with sapphires. There was fresh blood on it, and when a drop landed on me, it felt disgustingly warm. He crouched next to me, and said, “You are seeing me how I was before I died, minus the hair color. And by the way, how do you like my yard? I worked centuries on it.” Without waiting for an answer, he continued, “oh, and F.Y.I: I can make you suffer here for a hundred years, and you wouldn’t die. This whole thing is happening inside your head. So, you can be vaporized here, but your life and soul will still be alive in your world.” He flexed his knife, and cut a piece of my skin off. I screamed, and struggled to get away from him. “However, you are lucky. I am not strong enough to come back to your world. The only things I can do for now is torture you, then send you back. You will have three months of freedom left.” He stopped cutting me, and somehow the wounds healed quickly. Soon I looked like I never got cut. He pulled out three seeds and moved a guy next to me, who looked like he died from a twisted neck. “When these plants grow to adulthood, I will have the power to come to your world to kill you.”
Then I was back in my room. I wasn’t paralyzed anymore, but I still was too scared to move. The silver haired man appeared on my television screen. He took a needle, and started playing with it. When three minutes elapsed, he said, “Remember this, and mark my words. I will return in three months, and you will dearly regret that your ancestor ever killed me. Goodbye…” I ran forward and pulled the plug on the television. Thankfully, the screen went black. Then, I crawled in the corner and started crying until my parents came home from work. And now you know my story. Please, be on guard. He could come after any one of you next. For all I know, he is hiding in your copy of ANIMAL CROSSING. Oh god, I have to go. There is a raspy voice coming from the kitchen.


Go ahead. Floor it. I dare ya.

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05-06-2014 11:12 AM
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I fapped so hard...



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