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i am lonely will anyone speak to me

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12-13-2016 12:58 PM

I need to talk to someone.anyone.

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12-13-2016 08:01 PM

SomeoneKillthatdarkvoice wrote: I need to talk to someone.anyone.

Hey smiley

where you from?

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12-14-2016 02:21 PM


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12-14-2016 08:00 PM
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Vampiric Mongol Warlord and Sorcerer of
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This will never end
Cause I want more
More, give me more
Give me more
This will never end
Cause I want more
More, give me more
Give me more
If I had a heart I could love you
If I had a voice I would sing
After the night when I wake up
I’ll see what tomorrow brings
If I had a voice, I would sing
Dangling feet from window frame
Will I ever ever reach the floor?
More, give me more, give me more
Crushed and filled with all I found
Underneath and inside
Just to come around
More, give me more, give me more
If I had a voice, I would sing


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12-17-2016 05:08 AM

completely see-through

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12-17-2016 09:40 AM
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Vampiric Mongol Warlord and Sorcerer of
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maroon wrote: completely see-through

my pants


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12-19-2016 06:43 AM
eleanor rigby


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12-21-2016 06:50 AM
Troubled Youth With a Rubbled Tooth

Anytime you can post in something from 2005 you just have to.

Life is not what you think it is.

Humans have made life harder for ourselves by having the ability to recognize that life is not the moment we see before our eyes.

Having an emotionless cynical yet spiritually existential life is a very strong way to view the world rationally within proper context.

Everyone is right in their own way. Accept that.

Accept that everyone around you will not, and will never know what is going on in your mind.

The reason being is that we have created a form of language that doesn’t do the job we have given it.

Explain to me directly a color any color without using an outside example to show it.

The same idea in your mind, there are no words for the emotional connections that we attatch to words. We can use the ones that closest describe it, but no one will ever know truly.

So therefore, don’t think you are bored, lonely, or alone.

Because you aren’t we all are.

Just because someone says they have a rich fulfilled life and say they are happy doesn’t mean they are, it just means they have a better way of coping than you do.

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02-16-2018 04:43 AM
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the internet rebel
the internet rebel
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Hello everybody!

Thanks to the one and only internet legend Bjarne these forums are back online.

I know that a lot of you have missed this place so please respect these forums and refrain from posting spam and/or abuse.

This should be a place where people can get things off their chest and feel less lonely, NOT a place where the psychotic amongst you can ramble endlessly and bore us to death with your crap stories and ideas.

Welcome back and always remember: you are not alone! :-)


the internet rebel

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03-01-2018 12:26 AM

Funny how I always keep coming back to this thread. Guess things never change.

I made a couple of posts here infrequently throughout the years. Somewhat learning and somewhat still the same.

I got a full time job, lost it, had a temp job, then quit that for another full time job.

Had a girlfriend and broke it up with her cause I’m now with my current. I know what I did was wrong though I had to do it.

Goes to show no matter what happens in your life, you’ll always find a way to be sad, to be lonely, to want more out of life unfulfilled.

I know it’l get better. It always does somehow. My advice is to keep going for better or worse.
It hurts and will keep hurting but on the plus side you’ll find happiness no matter how temporary it may be.

Fuck I’m rambling on, it’s kind of therapeutic. I’m still kind of glad this thread still exists. That’s the great thing about all this, we’re all lonely and yet we’re united through our loneliness.

I do hope whatever you have that you can pull through. As for me, I’ll just keep living.

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03-16-2018 06:41 PM

It’s incredible, how this thread lasted for so many years... I hope the person who posted it in 2004 have found happiness or, at least, some comfort, seeing what he/she started. This is one of the good sides of Internet, I think.
I guess, some people just born with some sadeness in them. Or just being fragile. That thing makes life so much harder ;(

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03-17-2018 12:45 PM
Lonely goy

It’s fine. With everyone’s combined loneliness in this thread alone I’m sure we can make a cure that eliminates the feeling of loneliness. After that the world can enter a new stage of happiness.

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04-11-2018 03:41 PM

Whoa, this thread is still going! Makes me feel less lonely after reading through these comments smiley

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04-13-2018 09:25 AM
not lonely

I found this thread by following a link in a Wikipedia article while researching something entirely different. Curiosity in my insomnia hours brought me here. I’m not necessarily lonely, but wanted to touch this little piece of internet history.

I first got access to the internet in 1996. One of the first things I stumbled into was Yahoo chat rooms. At that time, I was married but very lonely. The communication with others relieved my loneliness, and to this day I am still communicating with the same group of people I met then. We built real relationships, some met each other “in real life” and married (multiple couples actually). We went on to form our own forum and even had multiple websites that we managed to have a place for pictures, chat rooms, and other design features such as newsletters. Now we just have Facebook communication these 20+ years later.

My marriage ended in 2009, but I was quite lonely within it for a long time. I can’t tell you how much solice I found in having the ability to reach out to a global online community and ease that a little bit.

I am in a new long term relationship this many years later and have a very full life, but still make internet friends on occasion. I’m pretty busy in what I still refer to as “real life”, but always seem to fall back on my friend 'the internet' when I feel a little alone inside.

If you are lonely, I hope reading my history gives you hope. As a suggestion, join some meetup groups and do some things you have in common with others. Sitting alone at home and moping only spirals into more lonliness. It’s a challenge to go somewhere for the first time alone, but we all like a good challenge, right? Go into character mode and make yourself chit chat. Go on a hike, ride a bike, whatever your interest is, just make yourself do it. You will meet other lonely’s and you will not be lonely long. Good luck.


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04-14-2018 03:53 AM
just another lonely person

i wish i had someone in my life

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04-14-2018 09:43 AM

just another lonely person wrote: i wish i had someone in my life

There’s people everywhere!

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04-15-2018 03:41 PM

lmao nice meme

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04-15-2018 05:36 PM

Don’t really know what to do. So maybe some advice would be nice.My grades are bad, my health is bad, my relationships are bad, my future looks bad. I don’t eat properly, sleep properly, or drink enough water daily simply because I don’t care to. In terms of relationships, I don’t think I have any friends because I consider no one my friend.

Last year I met a girl. We clicked and became good friends though I ditched her a lot. Once we planned to hang out and I cancelled at the last minute. Now we’re not really good friends anymore which is my fault.

Anyway after a while I got to know that a lot of people talk bad about me. The girl also confirmed this telling me she was only telling me because she thought of me as a good friend. A lot of people think I’m weird or annoying. I always manage to put myself in embarassing situations.

I’m talented at acting stupid I guess. Once, I sneezed in class and stood up from my seat and walked up to a bottle of soap thinking it was sanitizer. When I realized it was soap, I started to look around the room and walk more trying to find the sanitizer instead of sitting down.

Another time my hands slipped in class and the laptop in my hands landed like 50 meters away. Kind of scarring.

Also, in the middle of taking a test, I looked up, realized the clock was missing, and asked my teacher why it was missing. This is because I usually used my watch to see the time I have left when taking tests, but I lost my watch recently. When I looked up to see if I could use the clock to pace myself better, I saw it was missing. What if this clock remains missing for the next few tests and quizzes too? How will I pace myself? My teacher needs to put his clock in the correct place on the wall! Were the thoughts going through my head. Only afterwards did I realize how mentally retarded that thinking process was. I think differently from normal people maybe.
Apparently this one girl thought my laptop incident and clock incident were good things to talk about with other people haha.Can’t blame her honestly.

Another time I had a very HUGE pimple on my nose that bled multiple times. My parents told me to bandage it because it was bleeding so much. So I went to school with a bandaid on my nose. My teacher asked what happened to my nose. Uh oh. I can’t say its a pimple so I said it was a minor injury. For some reason, the whole class laughed.

Stopping in the middle of a hallway once, throwing a book at a girl’s face once to shut her up( OK i am against violence UGH I regretted this so much I felt like killing myself it was the one time in my life where i hurt someone holy god!!!!!)

This one time I went to school with extremely short shorts on because that was all I could find in my closet. My parents got me jeans but it was too late because the bus was about to leave so I put the jeans in my backpack and boarded the bus with...short shorts on. Then at school I changed in the restroom. Afterwards too girls came up to me and asked me if I came to school with short shorts on. No point in denying but I tried anyway, which made me look weirder.

For half a semester I came to school with slippers on because I didn’t want to bother my parents and ask for shoes. That didn’t go too well.

I used to just interrupt in conversations all the time because I thought that was how people normally talked to each other. Then I realized that that wasn’t the case.

This one time, I happened to meet a guy I made fun of in the past once. Instead of you look different, I went woah what a glow up. I did that because I felt bad about my stupid rude behavior in the past and wanted to compliment him properly to make up for it. But I guess that was too extreme for him he ended up getting the wrong idea and fled.

Its probably because of things like this that people think like that about me lol. Honestly when I think back on all these things I feel like laughing myself. Maybe its the way I think is kind of slow and difficult for other people to understand. Also even in comversation, I tend to suck at expressing myself properly sometimes. Though with certain people I don’t suck at all.

I may be mentally retarded and a little too innocent and clumsy. Although my mom told me I scored well on some Gifted and Talented test, I clearly lack a lot in terms of social intelligence. I can be a good conversationalist when I want to be but I also do stupid things like the ones above.

I also don’t really understand why people make friends or date. It seems stupid to waste a lot of precious hours thinking about and talking to people. I’m kind of interested in this concept of social life everyone else seems to care so much about, but to make commitments and waste time on something like this I don’t see the point. I feel bad that I am constantly ruining my reputation though. I just make too many more mistakes than the average person. A lot of social blunders. Its hard to just keep myself from doing stupid things though.

All the other areas of my life also suck. And this is a great addition.I don’t do any homework or study AT ALL(0 hours daily spent on school) nor do i pay attention in class. My grades have dropped three letter grades in the past two years.

I have lowish self esteem partly due to a not so great appearance(another reason people look down on me for). But again, why would I waste my time caring? Occasionally, I feel bad about my appearance but I really don’t care most of the time.

So I suck at everything and have literally no motivation in life. The relationship sector of life seems to be lacking and adding on to my number of problems,along with the impending academic sector and health sector.

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04-23-2018 06:05 AM
Hello there


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04-30-2018 10:00 AM

Itís incredible, how this thread lasted for so many years... I hope the person who posted it in 2004 have found happiness or, at least, some comfort, seeing what he/she started. This is one of the good sides of Internet, I think.
I guess, some people just born with some sadeness in them. Or just being fragile. That thing makes life so much harder

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