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News: The cuck-enabling government of Singapore continues to support globalization


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03-23-2020 04:42 AM
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Wenjun Chew
Wenjun Chew
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As fucking idiot that Donald Trump is, he did recognized that globalization is harming the wages and jobs of many commoners in America.

Not too surprised Singapore’s cuck-enabling PAP government disapproves of it.

Singapore citizenship isn’t worth a fucking cent, especially for the males.

I have to spend 2 years slaving for the army with a low allowance and currently with a low salary in the Ministry of Finance, I can’t attract women. Tried socializing with people but I lack charisma.

If any Singaporeans think I am an asshole for spitting (metaphorically) on my Singaporean citizenship and being selfish/stingy (other than the compulsory monthly salary donation) you have the cuck-enabling government of Singapore to thank for putting zero value in its citizenship and not instituting moral values other than a love of money.

Side-point: I am reachable for an interview via the following addresses: My Linkedin is and my Facebook is


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