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Is it racist/bigoted to use stereotypes?


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03-19-2020 09:23 PM
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Wenjun Chew
Wenjun Chew
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Stereotypes are generalized because one assumes that the stereotype is true for each individual person in the category. While such generalizations may be useful when making quick decisions, they may be erroneous when applied to particular individuals. Stereotypes lead to social categorisation, which is one of the reasons for prejudice attitudes, and may arise for a number of reasons.

As people here know, I am always talking about how muslims pose a danger to society, be it the cuck-enabling Singapore or in other more liberalized countries such as USA or those countries in Europe.

However, am I really bigoted if I kept harping on these?

I do not agree I am bigoted. See the above quote.

I am using generalization to describe Malay Muslims in Singapore/Malaysia. I did not say ALL Malay Muslims fit the stereotype description. I am very well aware that there are also many Malay Muslims who do not fit the stereotype. Generalization means there is an aspect about them that is statistically significant compared to other groups.

How is it bigoted if I point out something statistically significant about their group???

Fuck the cuck-enabling government of Singapore that forced me to use this abandoned forum to spread my ideals, as a citizen of Singapore still living in their cuck-enabling society, I would be arrested if they know of me posting anti-muslim things in public forums. DO NOT SEND THESE POSTS TO MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS. THEY WILL REPORT ME TO THE POLICE. I AM SERIOUS.


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