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Im weird i hate myself what do ido


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08-11-2005 09:12 PM
Im weird
Guest weird and a nerd....what do i do about my life? commit suicide? or what.........sigh...........

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08-11-2005 10:24 PM

how old are you? i would advise that you wait it out a bit before doing anything drastic. if you suffer from low self-esteem, try seeking therapy or at least doing positive self-affirmations. worked for me.

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08-11-2005 10:35 PM
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RUN into traffic! trust me it will make u feel alot better!


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08-12-2005 12:49 AM

Get used to that feeling. I have. Like the other dude said. You age is important. Maybe you don’t know what pain really is. I know I don’t yet. Watch a few snuff films, those usually add a bizzare good boost of the desire to live if only for a little while. And there is a huge benefit of wanting to die and to stay alive at the same time.

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08-12-2005 05:19 AM
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EEEUUGGHH Snuff films??? Don’t listen to this Wierdo Seb, You are not wierd 'tis probably either hormones or that every one else around you is a dick...or you’re probably just wierd...

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08-12-2005 06:22 AM

Nothing wrong with being weird, wheres the fun in being normal?! Rather be different than every1 else than just going with the flow. Makes u special not weird (in a strange sorat way).

Heres a cool quote:

“You laugh at me for being different, I pity you all for being the same!" wink


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