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I am sad that I am still a homosexual virgin


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07-08-2018 10:59 AM
Wenjun Chew

I feel sorry for myself that I am still a virgin even after 30+ years, including 20+ years of reading and documenting Batman’s exploits in his comics. Even after realizing I am gay nobody liked me because I am fat and ugly. I joined the incel community in reddit but even fellow incels find me repulsive.

What should I do? Please advise.

Call me at +6598945012.

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07-08-2018 11:11 AM
You should be sad

You should be sad that you spend a lot of your time trolling a site that genuinely wants to grow again despite no one taking you seriously. Why is it that you troll this site? I’m guessing you’re the same person that keeps making dumb posts.

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07-09-2018 01:11 PM

Sexy girl want a boyfriend here:


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