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How to give girls better head

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09-06-2005 10:53 PM
Blow Me

Horraaaay about time. I’m an apprentice in given girls Head.

Yep !!!!¡ Been actually doing it for years now but wouldn’t mind a few more tips. Feel free to ad in Girls (which is who I am hoping to get response from)

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09-07-2005 01:43 PM

Wow, I didn’t know you can give girls head unless you’re talking about “chics with dicks”. Thats pretty nasty dude! I suggest you seek out mental help immediatly.

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09-07-2005 04:24 PM
Ocelol Revolver  xbox GT

dude ur kinda gay if u never heard of givin chicks head you even suggestin something gay like that just kinda gave away the fact that your a virgin and you not gonna get any pussy any time soon L0L

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09-07-2005 07:59 PM
Bow Me

Yeah.. chicks got Dicks (called clits you idiot) where the fuck you think they urinate from.......

And aaaahhhh sorry girls bout the abrupt way that I am. But hey cumooooooon posts hey ?

Doesn’t mean we have to chat or any thing just Advice.

Just think if all guys Knew what women wanted don’t you think you still be with your first boyfriend ?

Help me out here on ANY advice actually. Woul be good. Ta.....

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09-07-2005 08:03 PM

my friend killed himself because he found out his wife had a dick sad

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09-07-2005 08:43 PM
cameron wagers

damn...........that must really suck........pull it out and it be bigger than yours!!! lol

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09-07-2005 09:22 PM
Joined: 06-17-2005
Posts: 621
Rep: 0

WTF are you dorks talking about? It’s not referred to as “Giveing Girls Head” lol. Giving head is when a girl sucks on a guys dick-head, thus the head of a penus gets sucked on, know..the mushroom headed solgier. You guys are morons.

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09-08-2005 09:33 AM

Blow Me you are without a doubt a virgin... and that’s coming from a girl. The act of going down on a girl is called exactly that.. going down on a girl,muff diving, you name it... giving head purely means the act of giving a guy a blowjob and sucking on his penis head.

As for the Clit comment.. omg i can only laugh... we do not pee with your clits... a clit is a small little button at the top of the vagina opening which secretes fluids for intercourse and feels nice when stimulated....

At least your post made me laugh... as i sure as hell will laugh when i see your small little penis.

One of two things are true... either you live in the mountains and have never seen a woman, or you are 9 years old and you need to tell your dad that he shouldn’t let you use the computer anymore cause more than likely all you do is jerk off to woman 3 times your age (20 year olds) and pass stupid comments on forums on things you know absolutely nothing about.

No go get a life and go play with toy cars as you should be doing at your age...

ps- Sorry to hear about your friend liko... but that is probably a bullshit story anyway... because how the hell do u marry somebody and never realize they have a penis??

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09-08-2005 09:44 AM
name of many

Seven wise men with knowledge so fine
Created a pussy to their design.
First was a butcher, smart with wit,
Using a knife, he gave it a slit.
Second was a carpenter, strong and bold,
With a hammer and chisel, he gave it a hole.
Third was a tailor, tall and thin,
By using red velvet, he lined it within.
Fourth was a hunter, short and stout,
With a piece of fox fur, he lined it without.
Fifth was a fisherman, nasty as hell,
He threw in a fish and gave it a smell.
Sixth was a preacher whose name was McGee,
He touched it and blessed it and said it could pee.
Last came a sailor, a dirty little runt,
He sucked it and fucked it and called it a cunt

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09-08-2005 10:06 AM
Joined: 07-03-2005
Posts: 185
Rep: 2


thats an awesome poem, im gona try my best to memorise it so when im drunk I can sing it and hopefully get a slap... getting a slap is harder than pulling these days haha so its fun

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09-08-2005 11:07 AM
Blow Me


*Hurt by Angelas cruel and mean taunts*

Hey cooooome ooon. Thats not nice Angela I’m 27. And I actually thought that was where girls wee from. I remember some one saying it years ago. And it kinda stuck. Besides I don’t loiter around the toilets when a girlfriend is goin to the toilet.
And I never had the balls to ask 'em.
And I know about the rest of what you said.......

Which still says nothing about advice for giving head to girls (muff divn what ever)

I actually think I’m pretty good at it (no complaints so far) but just wanna know a coupla tricks to have a girl BEEEEEGGGGING.

Yeahhhh please, please mwha

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09-08-2005 11:26 AM
name  of many

There was a young man of King’s Cross,
Who amused himself frigging a horse.
Then licking the spend
Which still dripped from the end,
Said, “It tastes just like anchovy sauce."

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09-08-2005 11:31 AM
name of many.

ime the empostur

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09-08-2005 11:33 AM
name of many empostur

i lyk boys

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09-08-2005 11:35 AM
name  of many

what are you some sort of fag...

you just cant talk the talk.

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09-08-2005 11:40 AM
name of many empostur

*sniff sniff* you hurt my feelings or as you would spell it 'yu hert mi felins'.

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09-08-2005 11:57 AM
name  of many

my all-time favorite is when she delves into my body like she wants to inhale me all at once. She uses her hands everywhere, from my nuts and my member, to my thighs and my waist. All this while still sucking my member with reckless abandon.

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09-08-2005 11:59 AM
name of many empostur

I see you are talking about your dog.

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09-08-2005 12:03 PM
name  of many

man...she can fuck like a rabbit.

ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh.

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09-08-2005 12:03 PM
name of many.

i lik mi dogi

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