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Follower of any other religion change faith, okay. Muslim change faith, Muslims loses their minds!


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02-08-2020 07:29 AM
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Wenjun Chew
Wenjun Chew
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I remembered hearsay about a celebrity named Anita Sarawak (In Singapore I think? I can’t be bothered to ascertain her nationality). Supposedly Malay-Muslims who used to like her became furious when rumors were that she married a Christian and choose to convert from her Islamic faith into Christianity. These Malay-Muslim fans said that if she did convert from Islam into Christianity, she deserves death or at least be ostracized. EDIT: You can see the old news article link here --> which shows her father objecting to her planned marriage with a Christian.

In any case, apparently either rumors were unfounded or she reverted back to a Muslim along with her husband who became a Muslim too. EDIT: Just read the old news, she re-married and apparently still retained her muslim faith.

Now tell me. Isn’t this indicative of extreme loyalty to religion over all others, and why I begrudgingly supported the cuck-enabling Singapore government on the matter of national security in limiting Malay-Muslims' top-level influence in the Singapore Armed Forces?


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