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Explanation of how a barbaric religion like Islam managed to flourish faster than other religions


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02-14-2020 06:02 AM
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Wenjun Chew
Wenjun Chew
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Islam is supposedly the world’s fastest growing major religion.

As many people on the truly free sites (like this one) and those who are not afraid of political correctness would know, Islam is mostly deemed to be an overly sensitive faith whose followers had a slightly greater tendency to lash out at any perceived insults compared to other faiths, and was AND is STILL based off a primitive and violent culture.

So why is such an oppressive religion doing so well in growing its numbers compared to other better well-meaning religions such as Buddhism and Christianity?

My simple take on this, giving two aspects of Islam that distinguished it from other major religions:
1) Islam dictates death for apostates
2) Islam enforces that the unbeliever who marries a muslim MUST convert to Islam as well (Christianity does have this aspect too, but the mostly modern leaders of this religion don’t enforce it as strictly as Islamic leaders does, and when cross-faith marriages happened, Christians kinda close an eye to it)

With just these two aspects, along with their culture that seems to encourage total obedience, you can see why their numbers grow faster than other religions, and why I would grudgingly support the cuck enabling Singapore PAP government in their decades of limiting top military positions slots for Malay Muslims and freely let the Indians and Chinese have them.


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