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Comicvine users are full of conservative hypocrites who belittle the liberal enemies of the Lord


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03-07-2020 04:38 AM
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Joshua Lee Kok Nam sucks a cock
Joshua Lee Kok Nam sucks a cock
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Heard of Comicvine? Its full of Trump-loving conservative hypocritical Americans.

They will attack Atheists, the enemy of Christianity and God, and at the same time embrace freedom of choice which is what Atheists desire too.

Examples of such users are (IIRC of their usernames) noone1996, Lord tenebrous, cattlebattle, dernman, and some neo-nazi supporter which I can’t be bothered recalling his username.

I can’t remember their exact usernames, but look up Off Topic, you can find them easily spouting their conservative free speech hypocrisy.

For example, the idiot Dernman actually complained when he said that Singapore is violating free speech when major companies fired foreigners who insulted Singaporeans. And yet had no problems when Amos Yee was shut down on all major internet platforms for his pro-pedophilia views.


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03-08-2020 01:58 AM
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Wenjun Chew
Wenjun Chew
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Comicvine can go fuck itself. I’ve recently created an account there to talk some topic but it seems these conservative assholes are just about as annoying as before.

The fact that the moderators refused to do anything is frustrating. May as well stay here and attack them from here.


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03-25-2020 02:50 PM
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Wenjun Chew wrote: May as well stay here and attack them from here.

Pathetic, do you actually think they’re going to see what goes on in an abandoned, post-apocalyptic forum?


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