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09-21-2019 11:34 PM
Nazi King From Hell

So ...

Who Are Teh Admins Mods ... Super Users Around Ere Now?

By first glance ... Sont seem t' be any?

Twoz A Time tho ... Wen Add’mins were a plenty.

Could Grab a Tigger by its tail 'N Dance a merry lil tune.

'''Whistles Dixie'''

Teh Spam Shit Says 'Mountains Or Hills'

Now ... I Know This SPAM prevention shit is gonna start to AGGRAVATE Me .....

Geeze !!! FFS .. It timed out while posting this shit !!!

I tells ya .. I maybe lolling rite now ...

Maybe ....

Just MAYBE ....

!!! I’ll PLAY it’s stupid little game !!!


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