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post your homemade raps here


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03-28-2011 06:05 PM

times always passin me, people try harrassin me, cops tryna cuff me, g.o.v’s had enough of me, offensive weapons to possesion of drugs, pushed away, spat on, the life of thugs, so we have our own race n we fight to live it, roll a perfect blunt n laugh while you hit it, stop fightin with lyrics its disrespectful to rap, do you really wanna end up like biggie n tupac.

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03-28-2011 10:54 PM
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Ay, I do my thang you donít know Off the motherfuckiní chain, play the game how it go I ainít in the game still imma problem on the low Whip them thangs well just know I know who got it for the low Triple O.G. so sucker free, I swear
You donít know me homie you can get the fuck from round here
I donít care who you will, who you with or who you know
Letís be clear, Iím a motherfuckiní G and you a hoe

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03-29-2011 06:03 AM
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“post your homemade raps here” ?!?! :S

What exactly is a " Homemade " rap?
Is that the thing with the pita bread w/ the chicken, cheese, lettuce n shit....?


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03-29-2011 06:52 AM
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Vinnie Gognitti
Vinnie Gognitti
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isn’t there like, 3 thread already made for this?


My blog!

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03-29-2011 06:53 AM
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I Operate on Another Level
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There already enough threads about posting you own rap...


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03-29-2011 10:55 AM
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Vinnie Gognitti wrote: isn’t there like, 3 thread already made for this?

more like 3 hundred

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03-30-2011 10:16 AM
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Joshy G
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I first started rapping for fun amgonst my friends
freestyling again and again every chance that we got
but we never that we would get any good, but as luck
would have it we did, and now were up there with the best
putting our skills to the test, rapping bout everyday
situations my mates are my inspiration to keep on grooving
shows and improving my flows, but the fact is i still
need to practise cause i still lack i haven’t quite the nack
but there’s no magical pill you can take that’ll make you a star you gotta work hard to perfect ya craft that why i have alot of respect for those that started from a young age putting their pen to the page and now their idols when they step on the stage and getting paid for the thing love most that’s why i strive to be like them and rock the mic with them

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04-17-2011 03:29 PM
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Joshy G
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here’s another one i wrote but keep in mind iv’e only been rappin for
a few months so i’m not that good anyway let us know what ya think ok

youv’e gotta be fresh and innovative but keep it creative, informative
easily relative, intertreptative but you can’t be dictavive. And if ya mumble and grumble and get muddled and stumble ya reputation will crumble to dust and rubble, so you must be humble like a bumble bee polunatin the flower i’m acumulatin the power to tower over any foe or challenger, just pick a date on the callender and you bet i’ll be there so you better be prepared to get slaughtered deported back to where ever
you came cause ya gonna get slained, kained with my use of slang, i bring the pain but i’m not in this to gain no fame or change the game i just want people to remember my name so i remain the same old person to keep curesin the haters cause it’s incrimination and determination that’s made us realise the gift that god gave us, were tailor made in his image but he’s not finished with me yet no way hose hey, there’s still more to acommplish but i aint goin to college cause i got flow’s to polish and foe’s to abbollish so i can grow my knowledge. I’m like a flower you gotta nourish or i can’t flourish i need constructive criticism to conduct the lyricism and precision and get the people to listen they won’t be dissing my shit i’m fully sick, slick, quick with the flows.

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04-17-2011 11:16 PM
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You think your all gangster cause your pants sag low
But last time i checked gangsters make dough
Quit tryin rap cause you aint black
Get the fuck out of here because your a queer
Im done wastin my time makin up this rhyme
My rap is done now you can run

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04-22-2011 04:44 AM

Yo everybody is going down to witness,
My soul sickness.
When i bust my ryhmes youíll bow downto your kneeíslike this.
Youíre gonna praise me like im some kind of queen,
All i am is a rapping fiend.
Better not disrespect me or iíll pull out my switch blade and stab you in the spleen,
Iíll make you drop to the ground when i slap you in the face.
Youíre a fucking discrace,
Iíll burn u worse then mace.
Better not come after me in my home,
cause ill chase you down and break all your bones.
You say your girl aint fat she just big boned, i say fuck that she hella fat.
Bets shut up before i cut some bacon off her back, tring to battle me back thinking your black.
Homie you need you need to shut cause you so damn wack.
To realize yor white, but still acting like your darker then the night,but the fact is your a cracker who cant even fight.
As a matter of fact you canít even rap.
You even try to diss me iíll come come after you with my baseball bat.
You run iíll go after your family,
Then iíll go after your family tree.
Till you the only one left,
All because you messed with my baby

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05-17-2011 10:10 PM

yo y niggas claim sets dey aient from cuz wen i hit u ya whole body gunn slang jus no dont claim ma gang before ya whole body be rite in ma aim 315 ride or die jus no al we do is get high it was jus a bad day shit i cant stand gay niggas but as trigga say i can make u roll back at&t put a shell on yo back an slap u in ur cap

~ Joe~

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05-20-2011 03:30 PM

boy u aint nuffin u lookin like a black muffin ikno u scrummpin and humpin damn what is up ithink imma hit u in da face wit a leather glove kid

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05-24-2011 02:35 AM
young swich

im da shit i get it gone runnen thiz streets like my name was king kong im a beast on the beat so you can just take a sit and watch me like a fucken nv.

ya im da new atraction call me mister hart rate extraction this ant no ordenary fadis its that new new static and if your azmatic sit the fuck back and watch me get at it.

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05-24-2011 08:07 AM
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dis fuccen foo
soundin lik a whyte boy
i bet u watched da 8mile a dozen timez
busted a nut to enemem a dozen timez
u can take ur weak ass rhymez
n shove it up ur ass
till ur beggin 4more
go finger ya self hard
u fuck tard
u aint got wat it takez ta beat me
cant even phase me or sweat me
bitch try n test me
u sound lik faggot version of vanilla ice
spittin lyricz lik ur chokin on a dick covered wit spice
so get da fucc outta ma face
before i take ya daddiez place
fuccin ya mama
wit her legz n da air
spankin her ass
lik a true fuccin player
shit kid ima b yanew daddy n let u stay up late
so u can watch me fucc ya mom while u masterbate

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06-01-2011 09:25 PM
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that spill was ill SIN....detrimental...


Follow my trail on Rhymesniper Chriz Randy “”
and Randy Chriz “”


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06-10-2011 04:53 PM
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A to the B to the C to the D
Imma big MC so don’t mess with me
No need to fear big MC is here
You’re itty bitty i am the King Kong of Vice city
I am Neo you got B.O
You can’t sand it you’re daddy banned it
You give me lip
You try to do a back flip
But your mum said you’re just that fat you can’t do thaat
Your killer fart hits me like a tranquilizer dart
I rap like Eminem you can’t even sit out Flem
When people see you they so oh no
Here comes, another
Chuckle brother
When you vomit
People get mistaken
With a giant comet



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06-20-2011 09:36 AM

You think your all gangster cause your pants sag low wait a minute I think I did your mum was it Tracy bro? cause shit I donít know she
my first rap check it out

looked so homo but so do you so I guess you got it from her itís a blur of emotions going you arenít nothing to be scared of I heard you got bagd by a girl that arenít cool shit Iím a better rapper then you and Iím still in school man you arenít cool your respect is lost as you turn on your tune cause I spit on you pussy sure also you two cause you know that Iím better then you I hurt you physically till you need medical attention to fix your pain man you arenít cut out for this game your insane donít put me to blame just because you have nothing to show and I donít know wether your better them him shut up just pull the pin its thin as paper you arenít no rapper youíre a raper for fuck sacker pass the fucking salt shaker Iím the bread maker and all that shit I heard you choked like you were sucking on some gay mans dick.

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06-20-2011 01:49 PM
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Yall niggas raps wacker than a mother fucker
Talkin out your moms basement while I’m from the gutter
Chop up ya’ll virginity with a pistol I’m a straight buster
Bust nuts in every bitch I’m crazy call me a nutter
Foreplay with your sister nigga were the peanut butter?

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07-31-2011 01:10 AM
CPG   Onl1ne Gam3r

Im the C to the G to the P
YEA! im the uh huh im the the the fucking king im like an astronaut weezy boy ask a lot.

u always tryin to train me so u can frame me but i cant believe u came to me theirs no doubt u have shame for me so shut up befor i make u fuck up YEA! tlk about that shit huh BIG C


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