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09-28-2007 01:49 PM
u niggas still wack

im high by weed/ drive by n speed/ make niggas hide behind trees/AR-15 aimin at ya white tees/ u niggas so wack i think YOU got a disease/ yea im sick, sick with fleas/ niggas biting off me cuz they wanna feel whats it like to be a real MC/ i send pussy niggas to heaven wit the mac11, but dont call me macG/ hit a nigga wit a heavy blow/ got heavy dough/ collapse a niggas lungs if he breath in my flow/ nobody knows u niggas and if they seen u befo, ill rip off ya face so they’ll never know/ leave u niggas faceless like i drew ya head with a pencil and ERASED it/talkin bout what ya life is, priceless, nigga U AINT WORTH SHIT!, ill leave u LIFELESS/ see my chain ya nigga u like it, go price it/ ill make u look like windows shoppers like 50 cent, that song YOU should recite it/ despite it/ niggas run they mouth like a un-twisted cap and dont know how to re-tighten it/ in my book it says “thou shall not be fake” so if u buy it, make sure YOU highlight it/

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09-30-2007 09:47 PM
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Caffeine is a way of life
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Just to let everyone know, we’re trying to keep all freestyle raps and battles together in the same thread:

Similar threads will be locked.

(P.S. For those who were wondering why the original thread got locked there were problems, and I received some suggestions that the thread should simply be locked. I took a poll and the majority of those who responded preferred to have it locked and a new thread created).

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