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Heroes at work


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03-29-2016 10:35 AM
Jonathan vega

Sum i made up in ISS some nigga snitched on me for drugs so.

Heroes at work(work)
Heroes at work
keep laughin at me nigga iíll wipe off your smirk

Heroes at work(work)
Heroes at work
Keep fuckin with me nigga youíll make me berserk

Rollin in the civi, red hot n rollin low
bruh you said you got a hoe
im lookin, where she at doe
nigga stay talkin shit, snitchin,makin up shit
i try to make the story legit but yet you still pussy enough to tell the truth to come clean, to admit! Bruh you lied about a crime that i didnt think to commit..

I cant even remember the last time i called you a brother soon after i went and found another, damn. I looked up to you, you know everything ive been through yet.. you come tellin the wrong niggas shit i didnt even do. I thought i was able to call you a hero but instead i find out you is a nun, zero hah.

Never would i decide to accept your sorry
because of all the shit you put me through it felt more like a safari.

Fuck them ferraris im a JDM nigga lookin for them honda parties

Cant believe you put me through all that trouble your lucky enough i havent made your beating double the rubble

Drugs what a stupid story, maybe even dumb enough than your dumb ass friend cory. hold up...

Heroes at work(work)
heroes at work
Keep laughin at me nigga ill wipe off your smirk

heroes at work(work)
heroes at work
Keep fuckin with me nigga youíll make me berserk

I still donít believe you did a nigga like that
makin up stories even better than cat and the hat,shit.
I should hit you with a bat but im more mature enough than to fuck with a small ass brat, damn
Thats a lil cold but i should bring my words up bigger and call you a fucking rat.
Screw steppin on welcome mat you bitch more than a female calling herself fucking fat!
Yeah come on hit me one more time watch how quickly ima bust you and not with a lil ass rhyme
Watch yourself and dont be copying rhymes, Meek mill, rick ross and even drake wouldnt help you with the lines.
If you think you can diss me like meek mill did to drake you funny because your raps would be fake like your mother said when she had you what a mistake
Speakin of your mother i fucked her again n again n again and she kept asking for more but thats pretty sad knowing shes such a fucking whore

You think you better everyone but instead yous a fucking liar and your still broke till today and trust me lie to me again and ill whoop your ass like im Ali bomaye

Nigga you talk as if you was gay and if you are get the fuck out my face and end the case and book it because you are a disgrace since you didnt cut back the lies and retrace you made shit worse and you could of got me erased and if that would of happened you had to get ready and embrace because i would of came back and kicked your ass before you was able to say grace.

Before i was able to tell the truth they assumed i was lyin so now i aint got the proof now im here rappin all up in the booth trust and believe i wasnt in here with charlie puth
The day i catch you tellin another lie ima fuck you up and cancel you like they did to bill nye except you aint smart enough to be a science guy foreal.


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