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09-12-2010 09:39 AM
Joined: 08-31-2010
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If you must think you better
Ill thrust my fist to your face coming out of nowhere
Like a wind gust, fucking bust till you
Combust and burn up till you crispy
Like crust and leave you there like old ass rust
If your wondering what im on its angel dust
And trust me if you think this is bad try
Understanding something crazy like lust! You
Fuckin punk ill cut you up in chunks
Wrap you up and put in you my trunk
Till that shit stinks up like dead skunk
You might say I donít got enough spunk in my lyrics
But my lyrical content is better then this modern
Autotune junk, when I come through people stare and
Gaze at me like im some kind of complicated maze
And youll be starin for days and days
Till you rephrase this rap as it plays and plays
Thinking how my rhymes could be honored and thought
About for days and days! Im fuckin praised for my
Genius ways so bow down you coward
Iv already devoured this rap game and overpowered
The population this nation knows my name
My rhymes are so hot they flare up in flame
And I just put the rest of you bitches in shame.

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08-24-2011 11:47 PM

you cant beat me...wanna know why...cuz i have to peeeeeee! smiley


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