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03-04-2014 10:34 PM
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I am become White Male, Trigger of SJW's
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“Siddhartha,” he said, “why are you waiting?”
“You know why.”
“Will you go on standing and waiting until it is day, noon, evening?”
“I will stand and wait.”
“You will grow tired, Siddhartha.”
“I will grow tired.”
“You will fall asleep, Siddhartha.”
“I will not fall asleep.”
“You will die, Siddhartha.”
“I will die.”

The conviction of Siddhartha made me cry. The conviction to obtain this knowledge and lifestyle of the Samanas..

In the verse “Would you rather die then obey your Father?" and Siddhartha responds “Siddhartha has always obeyed his Father”, and he says he’ll do what his Father asks of him. Yet his Father cant stop Siddhartha. Siddhartha has already left. He can’t be confined any longer and he must become a Samana.

Hernan Hesse +1


Rayddit wrote: You found a Tumblr post about how a brave transgender feminist WoC made a white male cishet check his privilege? I still get aroused every time I think about how that happened in real life.

Your Facebook newsfeed tells a tale of how a newly enlightened 15-year-old Atheist put that stupid fundie in their place? My girlfriend who you haven’t met because she goes to a different school totally saw it happen and verified it for me.


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