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Put poems,stories or any type of literature you have done or been working on. *

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10-23-2014 09:06 AM
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My name is Legion. There are many of us. Each one vying for a way out of hell. The Pit. Inside this pit we lose our sanity searching for freedom. Searching for peace. Doing anything possible to break free from what confines us. Anything, even if it means chaos and pain. We go crazy, we hurt, even each other. We form Alliances against the gatekeepers of Hell. The Cherubs. We make war. We die. Only to be brought back to our miserable lives. Only to receive more punishment. I have died a thousand times. Felt the blade through my spirit and cried out in agony. I knew, I could not bear this any longer. As I lay dying, fading back into the blackness. I looked up and saw a star. I promised myself that some way, somehow I will get there. I will break free from the cycle. And live as Gods live. A demon like me... dared to return to heaven. I awoke from the clutches of death, to my surprise as a man in a forest. One step closer to that star. One step closer to being a God.

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01-21-2015 06:59 AM
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Fan fic, what-if:

Vader had allowed Obi-wan to retreat?

Obi-wan had failed, not only to stop Vader, but to stop him in training his children in the ways of the Dark Side. This was why Vader relented, with great effort, on Mustafar - and returned to tend to Padme as Obi-wan resolved to cower in self-exile like the rest of the Jedi.

After Padme’s death, Vader’s anger pushed him to new heights as Jedi-killer. He was able to fully devote himself to the dark side, his hatred and the premise of the galactic throne eventually choked out all of the good left in him, as well as the grief over his loses.

He’d also trained Starkiller to root out the Rebels, Vader quickly destroyed his aberrant apprentice after the boy turned on him but the Rebel leaders had been rounded up and executed according to plan. This was not enough for him, he used an even more powerful Starkiller clone, trusted by the rebels, to round up more for execution. The first stable clone also turned on him, but this time he escaped, beckoning Yoda to train a new generation of Jedi to help the Rebels combat the Empire. Yoda and Obi-wan used Rebel resources to help round-up Force sensitives and surviving Jedi and pass on knowledge to help fight the Empire. It was civil war without end.

23 years of victorious accolades as Jedi Knight and Sith Lord made Vader into a legend of mythic proportion. Eventually he and his son, who mirrored his fighting style, were equally ferocious in battle, and Vader led his Jedi Hunters into countless victories. As the face of the Empire, he was feared as an immortal killing machine by billions, and especially by his master. The Imperial forces might forget their chain of command should the perpetually triumphant Vader chose to take command over the Empire, and after the destruction of the Death Star Vader gained considerable favor within the upper and lower echelon of Imperial Command.

Vader could have killed the Emperor years ago, and so he was always protected by armies of his Force-adept Royal Guard. At one point, after killing hundreds of Jedi and high-ranking rebels, and almost killing Starkiller himself but letting him go to test Sidious' patience, Vader grew bold and the Emperor retaliated by claiming that Padme’s DnA had been preserved and that he would have revived her had Vader remained obedient until there was a lasting peace, and the Rebellion was no more. Vader almost killed him where he stood for with-holding this from him for decades. He knew that, powerful as he was, he might not be able take on the Emperor when aided by the entire Elite Royal Guard, and if he did he’d never get away with such treason.

Instead Vader ordered his Jedi Hunters and his son to withhold from fighting. Vader refused to serve the Emperor in destroying the Rebellion until he ordered that Padme be cloned with her memories in tact, with some minute behavioral altercations. Even after the destruction of the Death Star, the Emperor still refused to meet Vader’s demands. However, Vader’s son, disturbed by the rebel victory at Yavin, would commandeer Vader’s Fighter stationed on the Executor. Using a Force-illusion to mask his appearance with his father’s, Luke also took Vader’s Jedi Hunters and attacked a group of Jedi who’d captured an Imperial stronghold. However, Luke had much to learn and was be killed by Starkiller II in that fight, who’d now become a powerful Jedi Master rivaling Yoda in combat prowess.

The Jedi Hunters were forced to retreat back to Vader’s vessel after discovering Luke’s trick. Out of anger for the chief the Jedi Hunter’s oversight, which had resulted in the death of his only son, Vader beat his cyborg protege half to death. Seeking vengeance, Vader returned to that stronghold alone, calling out Starkiller II, who accepted a one on one duel, hoping not to let Vader destroy any more of his Jedi companions. Vader effortlessly killed his former apprentice, cutting off the head of the Rebellion; Jedi Master and rebel leader Starkiller II.

Vader then gained so much morale for the Empire that he decided to take what was his from the Emperor. Vader and his Jedi Hunters returned to Coruscant, and assassinated the Emperor and his royal Guard - proclaiming himself the only Emperor fit to destroy the Rebellion and end this tiring galactic civil war.


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01-21-2015 11:27 AM
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Mister Atlas
Mister Atlas
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I found a birdy in the snow.
Its wing was broke it could not go.
I picked it up and fed it bread.
I put it down and crushed its head.



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01-22-2015 01:11 AM
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Machampion100 wrote: I found a birdy in the snow.
Its wing was broke it could not go.
I picked it up and fed it bread.
I put it down and crushed its head.



You’re a good rapper, bro.

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02-19-2015 10:53 PM
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I’d post some slash fiction I’ve written about members on another forum I’m active on, but no one would get the context.


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10-22-2015 12:26 AM
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here’s a video i made of one of my poems. an experiment in words and music.

title: TEARS


i tried to embed the yt video below but not working for some reason. help me. smiley

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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10-22-2015 10:26 PM
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yemaya wrote: i tried to embed the yt video below but not working for some reason. help me. smiley

This site uses BBCode for such functions. However, users with less than fifty posts cannot embed videos, images, or hyperlinks.

I’ve done this for you below. ^^
The code, if you are interested, is (without spaces): [ YOUTUBE ]Video ID (at end of URL)[ /YOUTUBE ]


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03-05-2016 03:24 AM
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Ragian Azariah
Ragian Azariah
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The night is young
and so are we
so let 's have dinner
under a canopy
the wine tastes sweet
the bread even better
thank God for this lovely whether
we listen to the music
that the minstrels play
soon the tunes carry our spirits away
we glide on the dance floor eye to eye
until the approach of dawn
soon we kiss good-bye
‘til we meet again
under the night sky’s charm


Think before you post.

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