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05-19-2014 01:07 PM
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Re Edgar..
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-Sex at dawn-
(For the moment)

'Dreams of perpetual progress'

“Were we really born in the best time possible time and place? or is ours a random moment in infinity- just another among uncountable moments, each with its compensating pleasures and disappointments?
Perhaps you find it absorb to even entertain such a question, to assume there’s any choice in the matter. But there is. We all have a psychological tendency to view our own experience as standard, to see our own community as 'the people', to believe- perhaps subconsciously- that we are the chosen ones, God is on our side, and our team deserves to win. To see the present in the most flattering light, we paint the past in blood-red hues of suffering and terror. Hobbes has been scratching this persistent psychological itch for several centuries now.

It is a common mistake to assume that evolution is a process of improvement, that evolving organisms are progressing toward some final, perfected state. But they, and we, are not. An evolving society or organism simply adapts over the generations to changing conditions. While these modifications may be immediately beneficial, they are not really 'improvements' because external conditions never stop shifting”

'You are what you eat'

“Take food for example. We all assume that our cravings or disgust is due to something about the food itself- as opposed to being an often arbitrary responds programmed by our culture. We understand that Australia prefer cricket to baseball, or that the french somehow find Gerard Depardieu sexy, but how hungry would you have to be before you would consider plucking a moth from the night air and popping it, frantic and dusty, into your mouth? 'flap', 'crunch', 'ooze.' You could wash it down with some Saliva beer. How does a plate of Sheep brain sound? Boiled puppy with Gravy? May we interest you in pigs ear or shrimp heads? Perhaps a deep-fried songbird that you chew up, bones, beak, and all? A game of Cricket on a field of grass is one thing, but pan-friend crickets over lemongrass? that’s revolting.

Or is it? If lamb chops are fine, what makes lamb brains horrible? A pigs shoulder, haunch, and belly are damn fine eatin', but the ears, snout, and feet are gross? How is Lobster so different from grasshopper? Who distinguishes delectable from disgusting, and whats their rationale? And what about all the exceptions? Grind up those leftover parts, stuff’um in an intestine, and you’ve got yourself respectable sausage or hot dogs. You may think bacon and eggs just go together, like french fries and ketchup or salt and pepper. But the combination of bacon and eggs for breakfast was dreamed up about a hundred years ago by an advertising agency hired to sell more bacon, and the dutch eat their fries with Mayonnaise, not ketchup.
Think its rational to be grossed out by eating bugs? Think again. A hundred grams of dehydrated cricket contains 1,550 milligrams of iron, 340 milligrams of calcium, and 25 milligrams of zinc- three minerals often missing in the diet of the chronic poor. Insects are richer in minerals and healthy fats than beef or pork. Freaked out by the exoskeleton, antennae, and way too many legs? Then stick to the turf and forget the surf because shrimp, crabs, and lobster are all arthropods, just like grasshoppers. And they eat the nastiest of what sinks to the bottom of the ocean, so don’t talk about bugs' disgusting diet.

The food and drug administration tells its inspectors to ignore insect parts in black pepper unless they find more then 474 of them per 50 grams, on average. A fact sheet from the university of Ohio estimates that Americans unknowingly eat an average of between one and 2 pounds of insects per year.

'Hungry planet: what the world eats'

“Early British travelers to Australia reported that the aborigines they met lived miserably and suffered from chronic famine. but the native people, like most hunter gatherers, were uninterested in farming. The same Europeans reporting the widespread starvation in their letters and journals were perplexed that the natives didn’t seem emaciated. In fact, they struck the visitors as being rather fat and lazy. Yet, the Europeans were convinced the aborigines were starving to death. Why? Because they saw the native people resorting to last resorts- eating insects, Witchetty grubs, and rats, critters that surely nobody would eat who wasn’t starving. That this diet was nutritious, plentiful, and could taste like “Nut-flavored scrambled eggs and mild mozzarella” never Occurred to the British, who were no doubt homesick for Haggis and clotted cream.

Our point? That something feel natural or unnatural doesn’t mean it is. Every one of the examples above, including Saliva beer, is savored somewhere- by folks who would be disgusted by much of what you eat regularly. Especially when we’re talking about intimate, personal, biological experiences like eating or having sex, we mustn’t forget that familiar fingers of culture reach deep into our minds. We cant feel them adjusting our dials and flicking our switches, but every culture leads its members to believe some things are naturally right and others naturally wrong. These beliefs may feel right, but its a feeling we trust at our own peril”

Sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes(Like my constant 'your and you’re' differentiation ignorance wasn’t enough) lol.. I’ll type more later. Discus, and post. smiley



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