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How come so many people hate The Golden Compass


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12-03-2007 08:43 PM
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Magnum Miracles
Magnum Miracles
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Why do they whats wrong with it?


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12-13-2007 11:59 AM
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idk. i guess people have different opinions on stuff.


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12-13-2007 12:02 PM
Derdev on Golden Compass

Check out that for a reason why people dislike it.

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12-29-2007 04:44 PM
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It’s actually base on God. In the book it’s how God died and you know when it comes to religion there’s a lot of conflicts on it. The name of The Golden Compass book came out long ago and there’s debates over that because that’s what they base it on. So, of course nobody agrees when it comes to those things. I still want to check out the movie though, it looks interesting.


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