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FREE XBOX 360 LIVE CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!


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09-08-2009 02:02 PM
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Hey Everyone,

I just stumbled across a website that explained how to get free codes. You have to provide a working, unused xbox live code and then they give you 10 free ones by using an exploit in a automated server. I have tried this and it worked and I am currently on xbox live and add me to your buddy list. If anyone is interested, just pm at with your xbox live code and I will send you the 10 back. By the way, the code that you provide becomes invalid and the process takes a few days, usually 2-3. Another thing. What ever type of code you provide, is the kind they send back. For example...

2 Month Free Trial = 10 2 Month Free Trial Codes
3 Month Free Trial = 10 3 Month Free Trial Codes
12 Month Subscription = 10 12 Month Subscriptions (What I Have!!!!)

Also, I will provide you with 100 free codes that I have from this exploit. Check back often, people jump on these quickly. If you get a “code was invalid” then that was a fake code (You won’t get one of these). If you get a “code is in use” then someone beat you to the punch and is already using that code. Keep entering these codes before they are all gone!

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09-08-2009 02:07 PM
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Sorry I bought my 1 year Xbox live Gold yesterday... your supposed to pay for your shit douche !!



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